Cherish every moment, life only comes around once.


“I’ve many things to share” this is the first line from Guillaume in the interview. After greeting each other, he started to drink the beer and answered my first question: “How are you doing recently?” He talked about his freelancer life, woke up in the morning, ride on his motorcycle going to a café bookstore to have coffee, reading and working at the outdoor seat in the library. Generally, local freelancer seldom to schedule work time like this but he likes bathing in the sunlight and merge himself into the surrounding environment.

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Guillaume was born in eastern France, he was once living in a Caribbean island for four years, and he loves sunshine and nature. Despite on this reason, he didn’t intend to stay in his hometown of France. He loves to learn different things and visit different places to explore lives since he was young. He thought, life comes only once, time is never slow down, if we don’t cherish our time just wasting our life. Guillaume has been in Macau nearly a decade, speaking Cantonese in general communication for him just a piece of cake.


When he first came to Macau, he worked in the computer science field in the university. Because of the work environment, English communication relatively general, he didn’t have any problem with languages or cultural differences issue. The only thing is, local people speak more like turning around and Europeans more straightforward. Although both ways with its benefits but the former is easier to occur unnecessary conflicts during daily conversation. Guillaume is a tall man with beard, one time the students were gossiping him looked like Jesus, they didn’t know he understood each word in Cantonese from their mouths. How did he react to this? He said the reaction depends on his mood at the moment; he could play a joke with them when he is in good mood, if not just leave it like that.

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When we talked about local social issues, we usually compare with foreign countries, especially Europe. Guillaume always heard about locals want to live in Europe, oppositely, he wants to stay in Macau. “Each place with its own issues, of course there’s livelihood issues in France as well, and we should improve ourselves in any possible ways, so that we don’t need to worry the outer force is supporting us or not when we don’t need it anymore.” Said Guillaume.

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He loves outdoor sports in leisure time, including swimming and rock climbing, sometimes he would go to the nature in the mainland for rock climbing. “When I’m climbing on the mountain wall, there’s only sound of birds and warmth of the sun,” Guillaume recalled the scene moment and told slowly. Sometimes, he would attend the shared talk to discuss the topics of psychology and communication; he thought many people got stuck when they hid too many worries inside, “People always say, conversation would let people understand their thoughts and get inspired. I like doing this so much, and I would share my understandings on the blog.”


He thought even though he couldn’t change the entire situation but doing his best to inspire others and spread the idea, little by little to make changes in the place.

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